About Nelisa Namba

  • Academic Level Certificate
  • Age 28 - 32 Years
  • Gender Female
  • Industry Transport and Logistics
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  • 2017 - Present
    Sturrock Grindrod Maritime

    Clearing and Forwarding Controller

     Export and Import files from Beginning to the end  Framing and EDI of Bills of entries, Vouchers of correct after cargo operations have been completed or prior to vessel arriving for discharge.  Arranges for stopped cargo or entries to be released with customs by means of arranging for inspections and providing the necessary documentation.  Sending off reports daily to clients regarding container updates, SI submissions and bill approvals.  Processing of Shipping, Landing orders, mate’s receipts, and cargo dues.  Submitting of SI’s with relevant Shipping.  Drafting of Bills of ladings and certificates, obtaining approvals from clients.  Sending off documents for release after cargo completion.  Constant liaison with the client providing updates.  Constant Liaison with the Shipping Line regarding Draft bills.  Attend to all customer concerns and queries  Invoicing and following up on payments.  Follow up on credits, invoices, and re-invoices with the accounting department  Compiling all the documents for distribution to local and international clients.  Quoting on transport and clearing and forwarding.  Upon closing of the file: filing in line with the ISO standards and ensuring all monies have been received and paid and any journals that need to be done are done.

  • 2015 - 2016
    Sturrock Grindrod Maritime

    Logistics Clerk / Data Entry Clerk

     Receiving offloading weighbridge Tallies and insuring it has been correctly captured and to the correct parcel.  Sending off Reconciliation reports to Clients before set time.  Capturing all information from the Reconciliation reports to the Cargo position, which has all the information of incoming cargo and outgoing cargo which has been allocated to the appointed vessel at the time or TBN cargo.  Liaising with client regarding their Booking Confirmation and insuring they have enough cargo for the allocated vessel sent by them.  Assisting our client accurately regarding to their cargo movement.  Constant liaison and updates to the client regarding the vessel dates (ETA/ETB/ STACKS) for cargo availability.  Create new / Update incoming road and rail transport, wherein variances between port and plant weights exceeding 250kg are clearly pointed out.  Send reconciliations to relevant plants daily.  Query and follow up with plant/carriers on any Road/Rail trucks outstanding more than 24 Hours.  Tracking for all rail cargo en route to port and in port for transposing onto complete cargo position daily.  Update all information on Daily Cargo position and send to client (e.g. noting all cargo in or en-route to port as well as ensuring correct parcels are allocated to vessels as per booking confirmations received).  Update Daily Slab Plan and send client (Cargo on the ground // bay numbers) – Daily calculation of stock  Compare Slab Plan (material on slab) to Daily Slab plan, reporting discrepancies.  Assist in monitoring email queries relating to parcels.  Print and file Daily Cargo Position, Slab Plan and Recons.  Print and file Updated Daily Business Plan.  Prepare monthly holding certificate reflecting outbound- as well as available in port.  Prepare Notices / Non-Conformances when instructed to do so.  Compile, sort and organize data to be entered into the databases or electronic files.  Input text and data from documents into spreadsheets, databases, or electronic files.  Input all sensitive data and accounting information into the databases and electronic files.  Pay attention to details and input data correctly and accurately.  Crosscheck and verify data keyed into the databases for accuracy.  Correct incorrectly entered data.  Maintain and update workflow record regarding work completed and work pending.  Assist other administrative staff in filing, xeroxing, typing and other tasks as necessary.