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  • Academic Level Certificate
  • Age 18 - 22 Years
  • Gender Male
  • Industry Engineering and Construction
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About me

Halo im fabian jantjies i finnish garde 12 in 2018 i took a gap year 2019.The year of 2020 i dicided to follow my dream to become a millwright but because of covid 19 i only could’ve only complete my ncv overbrigdeing .The year 2021 i started with my n1.I have electrical engineering n1 i just completed my n2 at the end of january 2022 a hardworking and well disipline young man.My communication skills are good,my problem solving ability is also great and i have the ability to work in a team environment .My motivation is to always believing in yourself and that nothing is to big to do and everything is possible with God by your side ,also set a goal in life for yourself and workhard to reached your goal and do not quite most of all dont give up on your dreams not matter what.My dream is to become a the best millwright  and would love to be apart of your working team.