About Kwanele MSANE

  • Academic Level Diploma
  • Age 23 - 27 Years
  • Gender Male
  • Industry Industrial Manufacturing
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About me

 My excellent troubleshooting and strong understanding of complex electrical grids or technical maintenance make me a perfect fit for any position

As an electrical technician I often collaborate with electrical engineers and electricians to solve issues  and also artisans. I have excellent facility with utilizing specialized diagnostic and measuring instruments for troubleshooting. My strong analytical abilities and problem-solving skills make me an invaluable asset as an electrical technician. I have a focused and very detail-oriented approach to electrical problem identification and correction. Additionally strong mathematics skills allow me to create and analyze schematics while strong blueprint reading skills and good manual dexterity allow me to understand grids and complete wiring tasks.

With me in the Electrical Technician job Ace Electrical Associates will be gaining a valued and integral member on your team. I look forward to meeting with you in person to further discuss what I can bring to the job. Please call to schedule an interview.