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  • Academic Level Master’s Degree
  • Age 23 - 27 Years
  • Gender Female
  • Industry Engineering and Construction
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About me

Nangamso has joined the Council for Geoscience (CGS) as Mapping Geoscience Intern (Mid 2019- current) in the Geological Mapping Unit where she has acquired skills in various geological mapping techniques, application of geological knowledge (landslide mapping, geological mapping, geological contributions to Environmental Framework and Environmental Scoping reports, core-logging, GIS geological data manipulation and report writing and presenting findings. She has also gained experience in geological map editing/auditing and creating useful data inventories.
Nangamso is currently contributing to geological mapping, editing of preliminary maps and explanations, scientific reporting for field work/excursions. To further develop her skills and geological knowledge she is now registered as a part-time student for a Master of Science degree in geology at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.
The current MSc research project focus, is on the Geological investigation of the Orange Basin, an offshore Mesozoic sedimentary basin of South Africa)


  • 2011 - 2014
    University of Western Cape

    BSc Honours Geology

    BSc Honours in Geology: Petrophysical Evaluation of sandstone Reservoirs of the Bredasdorp Basin, Offshore South Africa.

  • 2022 - Present
    University of KwaZulu Natal

    MSc Geology

    Research topic: The seismic stratigraphy, geological evolution and CO2 storage potential of the offshore Orange Basin, South Africa


  • 2017 - 2019
    LI Coal Resources

    Junior Geologist

    My responsibilities include; Geological Report Writing, Stockpile Management, Participate in constructing Due Diligence with the appointed Mining Consultants, Participate in Risk Assessment of coal resources, Coal Test Results Analysis, Prospecting Right and Mining Rights Applications, Explore SAMRAD for potential areas for application, Review validity (period) of granted Prospecting or Mining Rights from SAMRAD, Coal Quality Controlling (includes observing accredited Laboratories when they are sampling), Blending-Model of Coal to satisfy customers, Coal Blending Junior Geologist Geological field mapping Intern Geologist Model Analysis, Coal Logistics, Coal Tonnages Reconciliation and Invoice Verification, Liaise and participate in Coal beneficiation processes.

  • 2019 - Present
    Council for Geoscience

    Intern Geologist

    I am involved in the core logging for the Karoo Deep Drilling project (mainly sedimentary rocks) and also the Carbon Capture Utilization and storage project (volcanics), where I have an opportunity to log different lithologies, recording structures and discontinuities, geoscience mapping process of selecting an area of interest and identifying all the geological aspects of that area with the purpose of preparing a detailed geological report which must include a map. I have the field mapping skills i.e. mapping an outcrop and also the core logging. I have had an opportunity to map the oldest rocks (KwaZulu-Natal) of South Africa all the way to the youngest (Western Cape Geology). This includes taking structural readings in the field and geological contacts, identifying the geology and loading the data into ArcGIS. Constructing polygons and coding the geology, loading the structural points and constructing a map for the public. I have also been involved in the mapping of wind erosion features and the contributing factors, also the time series mapping of the features monitoring the change in these features. I have been involved in the landslide mapping project around KwaZulu-Natal, field mapping working with the engineering unit.


Geological mapping, seismic data interpretation
Core logging, spectral geology analysis
Geographical Information System (Arc-GIs, Q-GIS).
Report writing and presentation



Honors & awards

  • 2012

    Golden Key Honours Society Member

    Golden Key National Honor Society was founded by James W. Lewis at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia in 1977. The original intent of the society was to create a new academic honor organization that was the equal of longstanding honor societies such as Phi Beta Kappa, but which did not carry the same perceived elitism of older institutions, operating more strictly on merit standards (by accepting students in the top 15% of their college classes, and permitting part-time and transfer students who excelled academically

  • 2014

    TOTAL Professors Association

    For successfully completing the lecture Oil Field Development an Intergrated Approach organised by Total Professeurs Associés from April 29th to May 9th 2014.

  • 2014

    Sequence Stratigraphy by the Association of Petroleum Geologists

    An award for attending lectures about Sequence Stratigraphy by the Association of Petroleum Geologists

  • 2011