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Monitoring of the plant, fault finding, from the scada, perform routine checks, maintain equipment and start or stop operations when necessary. Manage all operations according to required safety measures. Maintain record of everyday readings for all compressors and processing equipments and ensure optimal level of production. Monitor all plant production and processing equiCleaning of spillages, and housekeeping, Prepare and submit all purchase order requisitions and maintain all plant operations and ensure compliance to all policies and regulations. Manage all plant operation and emission data and maintain safety and efficiency in plant and provide training to all subordinates.
Transportation of coal from plants to the laboratory for preparation. Maintain record of all data from equipments such as operation, fuel consumed and all voltage base. Weighing of samples, verification , testing, and analyzing. And Transportable Moisture Limit (TML) it is where we check where the coal holds water or not, for the sake of getting knowledge on how the ship will survive there might be some water that enters to the ship and then get into this coal. This is where we check whether the ship might sink or not. We also do weighing of samples (coal), verification , testing, and analyzing.